10 Steps to A True Canine Partnership

The book teaches you how you can build a true partnership with your dog by answering these key questions:

1. Why does your dog do that?
2. What does your dog need and how do you give them choice?
3. What is your dog telling you (or trying to…) and how do you communicate with them?
4. How do you and your dog teach each other?
5. How then do you use all of this to build the ultimate partnership?

The foundation for achieving the strongest and most fulfilling partnership with your dog is based on three important elements:

Firstly, to appreciate the basic principles of behaviour science and how to apply them (in simple terms);

Secondly, to understand dog’s needs and how to satisfy those in a way that is compatible with our human world;

Thirdly, to learn how dogs communicate by interpreting their body language and how to respond.

This book takes you through these in a clear, simple and understandable way, supported by real case examples, including common challenges and how to overcome them.

Coaching Dogs, Training People

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